What are your feelings on present-tense narration (third-person, if it matters)?

I’m starting my NaNo story in a couple days and I’m wondering if I should stick with the present-tense I’ve used in past drafts or if I should go with standard past-tense. I’d rather decide now than change my mind later and have to go back and fix things. As far as I can see, the integrity of the story isn’t affected either way.

Pros for present tense:

  • kind of unusual, memorable
  • more immersive for the reader?
  • uh

Cons for present tense:

  • it would involve a lot of rechecking and correcting when I slip up 
  • I always feel a bit pretentious using experimental techniques for no reason
  • doesn’t actually contribute a whole lot to the readability

Any comments are appreciated!


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Oh, and I’ve been reading the Hunger Games books and I’ve just finished Catching Fire (Mockingjay on reserve at library). I’m usually hesitant to get into things that are super popular but I’m finding I like it pretty well. Despite my preconceptions, I find I actually don’t dislike either Gale or Peeta. It’s a nice surprise for someone whose last experience reading a love triangle was the Twilight series, derp. Though I wish Katniss would stop being “confused by her feelings” and just decide on one or neither already. IDK. Oops I only talked about the cheesy romance plot UHH, no the concept and characters are pretty great and interesting. Dystopian futures are totally my thing anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing how Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz pull off Haymitch and Cinna, haha

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best update


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uhh, I liked this one enough to give it its own post.

I recently discovered the work of Frank Stockton and was really inspired by his use of line and flat colors. He’s also helped me open my mind more to the possibility of commercial illustration as a career path.

Been experimenting lately with drawing structure-less people and not erasing as much. It forces me to trust my lines and work with what I have.

I think I’m trying to get my doodles out this month before fasting from drawing in November when I start NaNoWriMo. D: Having fun though.

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I’ve been getting back into Portal 2 a bit lately with the last volume of the OST coming out (plus finally having someone to co-op with), so I decided to forfeit all efforts to be original and just have fun doodling a human Wheatley that looks exactly like all the other human Wheatleys people have drawn. Because robots are hard./lazybutt. [edit: Actually, he’s not that hard, I just love drawing expressions too much :P] I find that a lot of the time I feel like a cartoonist trying really hard to learn drawing realistically and rarely do I just let myself draw cartoons, and I was pretty pleased with the doodles I was coming up with, so.

I kind of like the fan-idea that Wheatley was once a human Aperture employee whose personality was put into a core (not that I think it’s likely in canon universe tho). I also think that once he got power-crazy he slicked his hair back like real bad guys do.


I was definitely right- I was not writing a 24-page comic. I scripted for like 5 hours! My ideas were too many D: Also, the wind has completely gone out of my sails. I started working on thumbnails but then suddenly remembered how hard it is to make my own webcomic and started laughing at myself for thinking this would be easier for some reason.

WELLLLP, lesson learned. Next year I will try to be more spontaneous and silly. I’ve decided to quit and read my Hark! A Vagrant book that arrived in the mail today. SO, I failed epically but at least my evening has been amusing. Time to catch Doctor Who!


I’m maybe halfway done with the script (WHY DID I INSIST ON A NARRATIVE-HEAVY STORY??). Now that I look at what other people have posted so far, I see now that I’m not writing a 24-page comic. Who knows how many it is, could be twice the amount when I’m done writing. We’ll see.

I wonder, since I’ve already fudged the rules a bit, should I count the time I started writing as the beginning of my 24 hours or should I keep it at midnight, when I started doing sketches and then went to bed? Because the reason why the rules are already fudged was because I did sketches for this concept months ago, sooo not breaking any new rules. Because otherwise I’m not gonna make it, nope. hhhhhhhhhaa I don’t knooowww what I’m doing

Oh, and if anyone’s curious as to what my comic is about, you can check out my inspiration collage desktop, because it’s pretty awesome: 

Middle art is by Travis Pitts, Top and left art is by http://gingerhaze.tumblr.com/



I just realized 

I’m actually going to attempt to complete 24 comic pages in one day this Saturday


haha ha

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Motherfuckin’ Elfquest, yeah!
My mom was a huge Elfquest fan back in it’s heyday, and she bequeathed these to me when I was 17 or so. <3

Dude, same story! My mom wasn’t a huge fan but her cousins were all comic geeks so she ended up with these.
These books are the only ones we own, and I only know the location of 2 right now. :\ I actually like these much better than any of the other story arcs….especially when Wendy turned over the art duties. 

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wanted to draw some silly DW fanart but couldn’t decide what so I just STORMAGEDDON DARK LORD OF ALL


K so nobody gave me a critique so I’m just gonna assume I am the best artis.



Used this as a reference for the costume! c:

Oh my goodness, I’m just now finding this!

Great pic! Very cute! I love it c:

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